Nuova Rivetteria Bolognese is able to produce parts from M1.5 to M16; lengths can reach up to 200mm for M8 or less, and up to 90mm for M12; the non-threaded parts can reach a diameter of 16mm and a length of 90mm.
The range of recesses and threads covers any customer request, it is also possible to request personalized markings.

Product types

    • Special nuts according to drawing
    • Bushes and sleeves
    • Screws and pins with groove
    • Viti a saldare
    • Pins
    • Eccentric pins
    • Welding screws
    • Flanged screws
    • Full and semi-tubular rivets
    • Knurled and threaded screws and pins
    • Hex-headed screws
    • Molded head screws
    • Hexagon socket and hexalobular screws

A few types of sockets:

screwdiver socket, pozidriv cross, philips cross, square neck, square-head, combi-pozi, combi-philips, hexagon socket, smooth head, snake eyes, hexalobular socket, trilobular socket, one-way, combi hexalobular, hexalobular with tamper, hexagon socket with tamper.

A few types of thread:

metric (processes similar to DIN 78, chamfering, pointing, milling, shank, recess), DIN 7500 trilobular, DIN 7513/16 self-tapping, self-threading (with and without tip), chipboard (with and without tip), DIN 7504 self-drilling, threads for plastics.

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